J.G.M. Roijers

Lawyer: since 1987
Working at De Bok:  since 1997
E-mail: roijers@debok.com
Telephone number: +31 (0)6 5537 03 52
Office number:

+31 (0)10 282 29 98

Jacques is one of the partners in the De Bok Roijers Gasseling lawyers partnership. His expertise lies in Environmental Permitting Law. Therefore he advises many companies in this field, yet he also assists these companies in appeals against governing bodies, such as municipalities, provinces and the government.

Jacques is often also asked to assist and/or advice construction-related cases, in which he either supports the construction companies as well as the client. Besides this Jacques concentrates on cases regarding procurement law. He also advises and litigates contracts and liabilities. There are many similarities with all the legal fields Jacques practices in. Because of this Jacques also frequently advises and litigates the civial and administrative law.

Jacques successfully completed the specialist training Grotius Corporate Law and is a member of the Corporate Law Association (Vereniging voor Bestuursrecht). Next to his work at De Bok, Jacques is socially active in various directorships, such as chairman of the Caritas Institution. Jacques is also involved in the activities of the hockeyclub HGC.