Financial and business services

We advise and litigate in areas including directors’ and officers’ liability, financing, disputes between shareholders, company structures, moratoria on payments and bankruptcies, as well as disciplinary proceedings.

We work closely with your accountant, tax adviser and notary on this. If necessary we can also call on accountants, tax advisers and notaries from our own network.

Government and public sector

Having a good feel for political and administrative interests, we regularly give advice to government bodies. Conversely, we also give advice to companies about general administrative law, environmental issues, government liability, expropriation, territorial development, public-private partnership (PPP), losses resulting from government planning decisions, enforcement, market and regulatory matters.


We know what issues arise when starting up a business. We know the opportunities and pitfalls and are happy to share that experience with starters. For instance, we give advice on a variety of legal aspects that are essential to the success of company start-ups. Such aspects include the foundation of the company, its structure, and protecting and utilising innovations, products and names.

Ports and transport

The transport world is constantly evolving. As a Rotterdam firm we know this market and we have been representing transport companies, terminals and onshore and offshore companies for many years. Issues that arise frequently are loss/damage, liability, forwarding, purchase and sale, maintenance warranties, right of retention, and storage.


We represent government bodies as well as market parties. We advise and litigate on issues such as leases, construction contracts and ownership disputes. Our areas of expertise also include prescription and guidance on purchases and sales.


The energy market is developing rapidly. Our lawyers are well aware of that and understand the various interests in this market.

Commerce and services

We advise and litigate on issues relating to a broad range of topics under commercial law. We assist you in issues relating to commercial contracts such as agency and distribution, as well as debt collection and compensation for non-performance.