R.J.R.M. de Bok

Lawyer: since 1986
Working at this office:  since 1997
E-mail: debok@debok.com
Telephone number: +31 (0)6 5537 03 54
Direct number: +31 (0)10 282 29 94

Raymond is one of the ‘De Bok Roijers Gasseling lawyers’ partners. He specialises in Corporate Law. He advises management and stakeholders from (inter)national middle-sized companies about acquisitions, restructuring, labour restructuring, contracts and financing.

Furthermore, the Court often appoints Raymond as curator during bankruptcies. Even companies, including financial institutions that are struggling, ask Raymond to assist them. As a true citizen of Rotterdam, Raymond is acquainted with port and transport related cases. Because of his broad international network of lawyers, accountants and tax advisors, Raymond also advises companies from abroad, that would like to establish themselves in the Netherlands. Naturally, he also advises Dutch companies that would like to do business abroad.

Raymond has completed the specialist training Grotius Insolvency Law successfully and is a member of the specialist Insolvency Lawyers Association and of Insol, a worldwide organisation for insolvency lawyers.