About De Bok

Procedural and legal advice

The lawyers at De Bok have a reputation for effectiveness and dynamism. Two of our keywords are empathy and problem-solving. You can come to us for procedural and legal advice and we will litigate on your behalf whenever necessary.
We have many years of experience in providing assistance to companies and entrepreneurs, and we have all the necessary specialists at our disposal. You can read more about this under FOR YOUR COMPANY. Maybe you also do business in other countries, which is why we work closely with our international partners. You can read more about this under cross-border legal advice.

Get to know our lawyers via a team of specialists.

Typical Rotterdam approach

De Bok has its headquarters in the heart of Rotterdam. A city that is always on the move. Rotterdam’s ‘roots’ characterise our approach. For nearly 20 years we have been working closely with a large number of loyal clients. The typical Rotterdam approach of De Bok, brief and to-the-point, always appeals to new companies. This distinguishes us from many other law firms. We don’t give advice at a distance, preferring face-to-face contact with entrepreneurs so as to jointly devise the best solution.


We are happy to keep you informed about the branches of law in which we operate. De Bok regularly publishes a newsletter about relevant current developments in the law and about our firm. If you are interested in the newsletter, you can register on the right with your e-mail address.