Our specialists are regularly appointed by the courts as receiver or administrator. A list of bankruptcies and moratoria on payments that our firm is processing can be found under 'Current bankruptcies'. Information about a bankruptcy can be found in the public bankruptcy reports. These reports are published in the Central Insolvency Register on You can find the Central Insolvency Register here.

Creditors can submit a claim online via the website This is not compulsory, but it’s very simple and is to be preferred. You will find instructions for submitting your claim on
For you as a creditor, submitting your claim via is both simple and handy. After submitting your claim via this website you receive immediate confirmation that the claim has been placed on the list of provisionally admitted creditors. With this confirmation the VAT on outstanding invoices can be claimed back from the Belastingdienst (Tax and Customs Administration).

Creditors who would like to submit a claim by post can send it to the following address:
Postbus 21548
3001 AM
The Netherlands